NNPS 2016 Awardees2016 Scholarship winners with Board Member Janice Lanier.


Scholar_Tia Mullahey_webTia Mullahey—$4,000.00 Scholarship

Tia’s journey into nursing has not been straightforward. Originally, she pursued biology education but found that career did not meet her desire to care for the physical health of women and children. She is now pursuing a graduate degree in nursing at OSU with her goal being to become a certified nurse midwife. While maintaining a 3.9 GPA, Tia also works with inner city youth and as a volunteer in a youth development program.



Scholar_Tenia Scarver_webTenia Scarver—$4,000.00 Scholarship

Tenia first considered becoming a nurse when she “sat next to a bed made from broken leaves in the isolated hills of Guatemala while a young woman took her final breath”. She is now a senior at Mt. Carmel College of Nursing where she maintains a 3.6 GPA. She is described as “a consummate professional”, and a ”successful communicator”, who “demonstrates intelligence, and dedication.”




Scholar_Alicia Moody_webAlicia Moody—$2,000.00 Scholarship

Alicia is completing her second year at the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing at Case Western Reserve University. In addition to maintaining a 3.8 GPA, Alicia is a supplemental instruction leader and a child-life activities volunteer at a children’s hospital. During her student clinical experiences, she describes witnessing both defeat and fire in the eyes of patients ignited by hope. These experiences contributed to her commitment to all that is nursing and “seeing patients through all of it.”


Abena Sefa—$2,000 Scholarship (not pictured)

Abena is a student at Mt. Carmel College of Nursing where she is described as a goal-oriented person with excellent critical thinking skills. Born in Ghana, Abena came to the U.S. at the age of eight. Her family’s struggles made her aware of the needs of the less privileged.   As a nurse she wants to help those in need to become and stay healthy. She also hopes to start a charitable organization to help the homeless and already serves meals in homeless shelters and organizes young people to participate in community services projects. She maintains a 3.2 GPA.


Scholar_Lexus Benedict_webLexus Benedict—$1,000 Scholarship

Lexus is a student at Chamberlain College of Nursing with a 3.2 GPA. She first considered becoming a nurse when in 4th grade she participated in a “Bring your child to work day”. Although she was there with her grandmother, a unit coordinator at a children’s hospital, it was the hustle and bustle of the nurses that grabbed her attention. She plans to graduate in 2018 with her BSN, which she describes as fulfilling a “lifelong dream”.



Scholar_Emily Briggeman_webEmily Briggeman—$1,000 Scholarship

Emily Is a student at Capital University ‘s nursing program. with a 3.4 GPA. She describes nursing as a career in which other’s needs must come before one’s own. “Caring, supportive and compassionate” are adjectives she uses to define the essential characteristics of a nurse. Her experiences as a volunteer at the James Hospital have convinced her that nursing is the profession she is meant to pursue.




Scholar_Megan Wisman_webMegan Wisman—1,000.00 Scholarship

Megan is a student at the OSU College of Nursing with a 3.5 GPA. Her interest in nursing as a career took on new significance when she watched nurses caring for her grandfather at the James Cancer Hospital.   These nurses patiently showed her “how things worked and why they did it, and genuinely gave the finest care to (her) grandfather and family”. From that experience she became inspired to help others by going into nursing.