We appreciate your interest in the Nurturing the Nursing Profession Scholarships organization.

Are my donations deductible?

Yes, NNPS is a non-profit organization, and your charitable donations are deductible by law. Upon receipt and processing of your donation, you will be sent an acknowledgement which should be saved for tax deduction purposes.

Is there a fee for using credit cards?

No credit card donation is available at this time.

How can I communicate with a live person, if I have additional questions?

Please contact us and provide your name and preferred contact information for a response.
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How does the NNPS support those who are interested to pursue a career in nursing?

The founders of NNPS understand that a nursing education can be expensive; therefore, the financial assistance provided through the scholarship fund is intended to support the career aspirations of both current and future nurses.

Can we donate to a particular individual?

No, scholarship or donation recipients cannot be designated by the donor. However, if you would like to contribute in memory or honor of a specific individual, NNPS will provide acknowledgement as directed by you.

How can I become a volunteer?

Please e-mail us.

Is there any minimum or maximum amount to donate

No. No amount is too small or too large. Please be assured that your donation will be most appreciated as the cost of a single year of undergraduate education in the college of nursing in Central Ohio exceeds $13,000.

Is there a link where I can verify that my donation has been received?

No link is available at this time, however you will receive an acknowledgement from NNPS once your donation has been received.

How is my donation going to be used?

The NNPS operates exclusively for charitable, educational and culturally supportive purposes in compliance with 501©3 regulations and guidelines. NNPS is committed to using the contributions it receives to support its mission and purpose. Administrative costs will be minimized.

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