Why Did I Become a Nurse? Or is the question why did I remain a nurse?

No I did not grow up “wanting to be a nurse”. As a young 18 year old going to college I wanted to become a physical therapist. Unfortunately or should I say fortunately it was not meant to be. Back in the early 1970’s if one wanted to be a nurse you received your “training” at a hospital diploma program. During my freshman year at The Ohio State University I decided that since I could not be a physical therapist I would become a nurse. I trotted over to Mount Carmel School of Nursing to speak with the Director of the program. I am grateful to this woman to this day. She asked me a question that I ask my students when I teach now. “Where do you see yourself 5 years from now and 10 years from now?” Now this insecure, very young woman said, “I think I may want to teach someday.” The director’s reply was “stay where you are and get your BSN.” Now in those days diploma nurses spent almost as much time in school as a BSN, but did not receive the college credit. Although she could have recruited me, she did what was best for me. Getting degrees back then was not as easy as it is now if you were a nurse completing your education.

Now over the years I have experienced and worked in many areas of nursing. For me, having a strong faith has been extremely important. I believe that I am where I am supposed to be even when I have not always liked what I was doing. The beauty of nursing is this variety. It is a profession where there is never a need for someone to “hate” their job. If I wake up in the morning and do no like what I am doing, I can explore another area of nursing. I am proud to be a nurse!!! I am proud that as a teacher I work with my “outcomes”. I love seeing this profession through the eyes of a student nurse. the wonders of a birth – the sadness of a loss, the excitement of a fast pace unit.

— Jackie, Nurse Instructor